Urban Apollo

Urban Apollo is a world leading citizen engagement IoT/Smart City solution that utilises available open data as well as contributing to valuable citizen travel behaviour and public transport usage data.

Actionable Data

The quality of the data collected by Urban Apollo on citizen travel behaviours, public transport uptake and urban space usage provides local authorities with detailed insights into how the city and its services are being used and more importantly how they could be improved.


Helping Transform Cities

Urban Apollo allows city officials to put meaningful data at the heart of decision making to increase economic activity, optimize energy consumption, improve the environmental impact and enhance liveability.


Reducing Co2 Emissions

Urban Apollo enables citizens and visitors of a city to track their travel behaviours using their smartphone and compare their Co2 emissions with their friends, family and peers. Using data generated by the phones GPS, and accelerometer, Urban Apollo’s algorithm can determine the users travel method to then calculate their Co2 footprint.

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